NetOps show route enhancement request

Site Tools show routes is too basic for real time troubleshooting and contains incomplete data, e.g. showing nh (next-hop) as integer only instead of an interface or VRF name. A global, per tenant, routing table view, similar to 'show route' on a L3VPN PE would go a long way to learn what prefixes are learned by which virtual network and from whom.

Request: Resolve nh

Resolve next hop index to interface name. In case of composite next hop, do indirect resolution to get to interface names. The nh numbers shown today have no meaning for an operator.

Request: Offer show route display option table

In addition to offer JSON output, also offer table format, for easier consumption of large routing tables in the UI.

Request: Add CLI shell

For real time troubleshooting, an actual router CLI will go a long way helping an operator to figure out what goes on. Can we add a read-only shell to argo an operator can click on under tools? If that’s not doable, another, more secure solution, would be to instantiate an FRR and peer with local argo via BGP, then allow an operator to show and filter routes within FRR’s CLI.

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  • Marcel Wiget
  • Nov 29 2021
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